Cocktail #42: Boo Loo (In a Pineapple)

Despite being a bit behind schedule, I'm in the final stretch! Forty-two down, ten to go!

This week, I wanted to do something easy, and something fun. How can you ever go wrong with a drink served in a pineapple? I've done a couple pineapple drinks in the past, and it never gets old. I found this recipe for the Boo Loo (in a pineapple) in Jeff Berry's Grog Log. He doesn't provide any attribution for this one other than "circa 1965."

Let's get right into it:

A few small chunks of fresh pineapple
2.50 oz. unsweetened pineapple juice
1.50 oz. fresh lime juice
1.00 oz. honey
1.50 oz. club soda
1.50 oz. Demerara rum (I used Hamilton)
1.50 oz. gold Puerto Rican rum (I used Mount Gay, which is from Barbados)
0.75 oz. dark Jamaican rum (I used Plantation)
0.75 oz. 151 Demerara rum (I used Lemon Hart)

Heat the honey until liquid, then mix with juices and fruit in a blender. Stir in rums and soda. Pour into a 36 ounce snifter -- or a hollowed out pineapple -- that is filled with crushed ice.

I served mine in a pineapple, as you can see. I messed up the way I chopped the top off and it ended up not working as a cap, so then I just cut the leaves off right at the base and speared them into the pineapple core with a cocktail pick.

Now, you may notice that this sucker contains *a lot* of alcohol. I would encourage you to try halving this recipe in order to not imbibe so much in one drink. Then again, if you want to settle into a Friday night with this sucker, who am I to suggest you do anything differently - but you've been warned!

My first impression after taking a sip was that the honey, which was very noticeable, went really well with the darker rums present in this cocktail. Yes, this drink is very boozy. But, considering the amount of rum present, it actually was easy to drink and incredibly did not feel overpowering. The club soda and a little dilution once some of the ice melts surely helps - the 10th sip will definitely be different than the first. I enjoyed this drink a lot, but next time I'd probably halve the recipe and dial the honey back just ever so slightly.

I'll leave you with a little Andrews Sisters number, which I actually hadn't heard before: "Hula Ba-Luau." Cheers!

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